Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hats and Scarves

We are off to Adelaide on Sunday. My aunty tells me it is very cold for Queenslanders in Adelaide, so I whipped up some hats and scarves for myself and the children.

Aren't they adorable! Can you tell it is still hot here in Queensland?
The scarves were simple and worked up really quickly, so Sharon was totally telling the truth when she called this pattern "The One Hour Scarf." This is a great pattern for a beginner and it is also a wonder stash buster.

To be honest Logan hat was a bit of a PITA. I made the toddler size but it was far too small, more suited to a baby. I have tried to give it away to a couple of kids under 2 and it is too small for them :( I will give it away as a gift so it won't be wasted. This could have been because my gauge was wrong. To be honest I didn't check it and I do have a tight gauge. The second hat I made was a womens size. As you can see it fits, but the brim and the crown are too big. If I was to make it again, I would make the brim 2.5cm shorter and the crown about 5cm shorter. I would also do it in hdc as the sc was very slow. This is a good beginner pattern.

Aimees hat was a dream. The pattern was interesting but easy and very quick to work up. This hat took less than two hours and I was looking after the kids whilst I made it. It looks great. It is probably a bit too hard for a beginner, but someone with a bit more than beginner knowledge would be able to make this and impress their mates as this looks a lot harder than it is. I highly recommend this pattern.

Here am I modelling the same hat. I made this one using 12ply Bendigo Wool. I think the cables stand out more with the thicker yarn and I would definitely use this yarn if I was making this hat for a man.

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