Friday, April 4, 2008

Finger Knitting

A friend was looking for something to do with her 6 year old daughter on Intuitive Parenting

so I suggested Finger Knitting and I found a tute link for her on You Tube.

So can you guess what happened next......
Yes next thing I have wool in my hand and I am finger knitting.
I made Aimee a cute scarf in less than half an hour! and that included running to get the wool and learning how to do it.
Here is a photo of me modelling the scarf. Not much of a model for a Saturday afternoon. At least I put on a descent shirt LOL

Now I just need to find a kid that I can teach. I am itching to teach this and introduce a child to the love of wool. Unfortunately, I think my two are a little bit too little for it.

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