Sunday, March 30, 2008

Armegins Longies

Anyone who pays attention around here, will have noticed that I have had longies for Armegin in my progress bar for about a year now. I promised them for Sheryn for his birthday last year and weren't finished. I had the bright idea of creating a reversible pattern for longies as there is little on the market for the boys. The problem was the number of colour changes created bulk number of ends to be woven in, which keep popping out and making the whole thing look messy. Anyway, I put it in the cupboard to hibernate whilst I searched, thought and pondered what to do. Anyway I finally came up with a solution when I encountered the same problem with Aimees dress (Yes, that is hibernating as well, but not for the same reason) So anyway, long story short, here are the finished, sigh on relief, longies! and they are only a week late LOL

I really want to write up the pattern for these as I do think they are worth it. I haven't seen anything on the market like it, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Aimee crochet

I have mentioned a few times about my daughters fascination with crochet. When I crochet she plays with my hook case and rearranges everything. She particularly likes my stitch markers and she seems to have hidden most of them somewhere. I am still searching. She insists that everything I make is for her and gets quite annoyed when she sees me crochetting something that is not pink. LOL She often demands wool and takes one of my hooks and sits next to me and pretends to crochet. Sometimes I go to get a cup of tea to return to her sitting in my chair working dilligently on my project. LOL Hence why I always pull the yarn through my last loop. Here are a couple of snap shots of her in action this afternoon. She has claimed a little flower I made as her own and I think she even believes she made it. :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natcromo - Freeform

I have never created freeform crochet before but I have often admired it. I particularly like Prudence Mapstones freeform.

I would love to do one of her classes at Thread n More. One day, maybe for Sheryns birthday, or Mothers Day. Anyway I digress......

Kaet from Ravelry has created a freeform activity where we do a little freeform everyday. Everyday we change hook sizes or yarn and do a stitch according to a random number selector. If you want to have a go you can find the instructions here. This is not a Ravelry link so anyone can get involved.

If you are a member of Ravelry here is the link to the project page on Ravelry so you can see everyones progress.

And here are a couple of photos taken so far of mine.

Week 1

Week 2

I have combined this project with the March Eco Challenge on Intuitive Parenting

Eilleen challenged us all to Upcycle; that is to make something worthless into something worth something. I pledged to do something with all of my wool scraps. Some of my scraps are up to half a ball and some are only as long as my arm. I have made more colour changes than Kaet has instructed us to as a result.

The kids have really gotten into this, especially Aimee. She often brings me the wool, project and my hook case to the computer. If she sees me working on it she will pull out the next colour she thinks I should use and she gets the scissors ready to cut the wool for me when I end it. LOL She is a budding hooker and I have no doubt she will be able to make something with a hook before she can read. LOL

Anyway, I am really enjoying it. It is a different sort of crochet for me as I don't have a vision of what it will turn out like or be.

I am thinking it will make a great play rug for a baby. I can see a baby crawling or rolling over to grab some part of the rug that has taken their eye. The other thing I have considered is making a denim bag out of an old denim skirt I have and sewing the finished piece onto it.

So it is my first freeform......

What do you think? What should I make out of it? I am open to all suggestion + I am curious to see who reads my neglected blog. LOL