Saturday, March 29, 2008

Aimee crochet

I have mentioned a few times about my daughters fascination with crochet. When I crochet she plays with my hook case and rearranges everything. She particularly likes my stitch markers and she seems to have hidden most of them somewhere. I am still searching. She insists that everything I make is for her and gets quite annoyed when she sees me crochetting something that is not pink. LOL She often demands wool and takes one of my hooks and sits next to me and pretends to crochet. Sometimes I go to get a cup of tea to return to her sitting in my chair working dilligently on my project. LOL Hence why I always pull the yarn through my last loop. Here are a couple of snap shots of her in action this afternoon. She has claimed a little flower I made as her own and I think she even believes she made it. :D

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Kelli said...

Very cute. I have learnt the hard way not to leave work out. I actually vacuumed a stitch marker the other day then tore the bag apart and sifted thru it to find it cos it is one of my faves LOL