Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Poncho Designs

I have gone crazy making ponchos!
I have made one for Aimee, myself and my friend Sheryn.
I now have two designs. The design for Aimees poncho is being tested by a friend. I think I still need to tweak the writing of it but I am very happy with the design. Sheryn is making Aimee a hat to go with it. I will add the flowers. Stay tuned for photos! It is made out of 8ply, 100% wool from Nundle Woollen Mill. The bodice is a daisy stitch.

Here is the poncho I made for myself. Would you believe in 25 years of crochet I only have one wearable and that is a hat? In fact I barely keep any of my creations. I own about two rugs and that is it. SHAMEFUL. Anyway....... I hate winter! I hate being rugged up and I hate layers, with a passion. I chucked the biggest tantrum the other day just because it was cold. :( I designed this poncho so that it is not too heavy or long over my elbows. I used Te Awa Moon Dance, which is felted 8ply merino from New Zealand. This wool is lush and I had 175g left over from another project.... perfect.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Matildas Skort

A long time ago Irene and I decided to do a swap. She generously agreed to give me 400g of wool in exchange for a skort.
I received this wool.

It is handdyed Tasmanian Merino. The longies are my own pattern ;)

Irene has been very patient whilst my friend Kym learnt to dye wool. Here is the photo of the wool she has dyed. This weekend I am going to ball it up and get started on the skort. I have chosen the yummiest lace to go over the soaker. I'll give you a hint about the finished skort. It is named "FIREWORKS!"

If you love the longies you can email me and we can arrange something. Otherwise they will be on the market next year.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have developed my own skort pattern. The soaker under the skort is very similar to my other soaker pattern, but it is lighter. The skort is a dainty lace also of my own design. I love the lace so much that I use have used it in my avatar. When the child sits she looks like she is peaking out from a flower.
This skort is modelled by my beautiful daughter just before her first birthday.

There will be a Purple Rainbow, Tutti Fruitti and a Boysenberry ripple available in Spring through Best for Baby on Ozebaby.

You can veiw these colour combination at Baby Beehinds. The link is to the right.

I will also be making some OOAK (One Of A Kind) skorts using these beautiful wools from Irene at Jolly Jumbuck.

This is Tasmanian merino. When it is teamed with the lemon waist band it will make a very pretty skort.

This is gradient dyed wool from Jolly Jumbuck. The peach will look very cute under the multicoloured skort. It will scream out to be embellished. I simply do not challenge myself enough LOL

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sheryns Moon gift!

My friend Sheryn attended Aimees homebirth. She was an absolute trooper throughout the 26 hours. Not too many friends can get a woman in transition to belly dance.

A few months after Aimees birth some friends and I had a womens circle for Sheryn to celebrate her moon cycle and the nuturing woman that she is. We all promised to create something for her. I decided to make her a poncho.

I have finally finished it. Here is a link to the website the pattern came from.