Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dreadlock tams and headbands.

Here are some photos of a few dreadlock tams and headbands that I do.

The tams at the top of the phots are made from wool and are thick. The tams at the bottom are made from cotton and very suitable to the queensland climate.

The headbands are simple and are made from wool. Both patterns are my own.

I make all of these in pretty much any colour that people want.

I sell these to Do Yer Nut at Clontarf. The link is on my side bar


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Belated Thankyous

I bought some stuff off of Irene at Jolly Jumbuck and she generously sent it all is this special little hand bag! It is just the perfect colour and size and I love it!
Thanks Irene!
Sheryn had a go at making some stitch markers. I was lucky enough to score some! The middle one is a pregnant goddess belly. She made the bead herself from polymer clay. Clever huh?
Thanks Sheryn

Kitchen Cool Swap

I took part in the Woolaholics Kitchen Cool Swap. I sent my swappee, Bec, a recycled bag water bottle holder and 4 Christmas wine charms. It was my first go at both a recycled bag project and a wire crochet project so it took a little longer to complete than I anticipated. Hey starting a new forum in between didn't speed things up either LOL.

I am always making fabulous stuff to give away, so I promised myself to stop doing that. I took some time out to make myself some wine charms as well. I think they turned out OK.

I got the pattern for the wine charms from here

And the pattern for the recycled bag water bottle holder from here

Both patterns were written well and easy to follow.

Lucky me got a parcel in return. I am still not sure who it is from. It came from Geelong.

I received two dishcloths and pot scrubbers. The disclothes are too nice for my sink so I am going to use them on the children in the bath. :D I also got a felted bowl. I have been wanting to make one for ages to put by bibs and bobs in. I always have a scatter of little things on my kitchen bench, so now I have somewhere for them all to live.

Thankyou Swapper! KOTC