Friday, October 19, 2007

Intuitive Parenting

Sheryn, Mel Marr and I have started a new forum called "Intuitive Parenting." Our aim is to create a safe place for attachment parents to discuss raising their children who are aged between 2 and 18.

Come and have a look for yourself! :D

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A bad hair day!

Logan cut Aimees hair!

It looked like this. All of the hair up in pigtails. No fringe, all the one length.... GORGEOUS!

Then he cut it, so it looked like this

A mullet! Short all over the top and long at the back.
I took her to the hairdresser, who was very sweet and did not cut much at all but restyled it to look like this.

We then discussed a plan to grow it back to how it was and still keep it looking respectable.

When I discovered Logan cutting Aimees hair and took the scissors off of him, he exclaimed "Hey, I haven't finished yet! I want Aimee to look beautiful like me! She has to have short hair!" Needless to say, Logan spent the rest of the afternoon on the thinking chair. LOL.

All the scissors are in the locked cupboard! Are you crying with me? I am sure I will see the funny side in a day or two, really I will......

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I have been working on a skirt pattern based on my popular skort pattern. I had many people asking me to do a skirt for their older girls who no longer wear nappies. Here is what I came up with.

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The top skirt was made by Sheryn, who is one of my testers. The bottom skirt was made by me for my darling Aimee. Her wardrobe is going to be impressive once the patterns are all released (Yay!) Sheryns skirt was made out of Amaizing (corn) and Aimees skirt was made out of Sirdar Just Bamboo. I prefer the bamboo for this pattern as the lace in the skirt was more accentuated.

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I really want my patterns to move and this skirt really bounces when Aimee wears it. I am my hardest critic and today when Aimee was wearing it I kept thinking about how cute it was. As you can see, my poor darling broke her arm a week ago. The sling will be off in one week. She is coping really well considering

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Well I am finally making the leap from selling garments to selling patterns! My feelings are a mixture of excitement and terror and let me tell you, I am on a very steep learning curve. Making a pattern from scratch is easy, writing it out so that a novice can follow it, I am finding challenging.
My skort pattern is currently being tested and I have rewritten it a couple of times since I first gave it to the ladies to test (blush) Anyway, one of the ladies has finished the soaker which was the hardest part of the pattern, so all is going well.
One of my testers has also tested a skirt pattern for me. It will need further testing, but I am really happy with this pattern. It will be sized from girls size 2 - 10. Along with those two patterns I will also be selling the OTRS pattern, a pattern that combines longies, shorties and capris, a frilly soaker pattern, and frilly longies and capri patterns, a girls poncho and a ladies poncho. If you take a look at my earlier blog posts you will get a great idea about what will be up for grabs.
I hope to have the patterns up and ready for sale on a website by January. I will be busy between now and then. Wish me luck!