Thursday, October 4, 2007


Well I am finally making the leap from selling garments to selling patterns! My feelings are a mixture of excitement and terror and let me tell you, I am on a very steep learning curve. Making a pattern from scratch is easy, writing it out so that a novice can follow it, I am finding challenging.
My skort pattern is currently being tested and I have rewritten it a couple of times since I first gave it to the ladies to test (blush) Anyway, one of the ladies has finished the soaker which was the hardest part of the pattern, so all is going well.
One of my testers has also tested a skirt pattern for me. It will need further testing, but I am really happy with this pattern. It will be sized from girls size 2 - 10. Along with those two patterns I will also be selling the OTRS pattern, a pattern that combines longies, shorties and capris, a frilly soaker pattern, and frilly longies and capri patterns, a girls poncho and a ladies poncho. If you take a look at my earlier blog posts you will get a great idea about what will be up for grabs.
I hope to have the patterns up and ready for sale on a website by January. I will be busy between now and then. Wish me luck!

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kelli said...

gorgeous skirts! I am really happy to see you zipping along and you deserve all the best! BTW If you want a pattern test for size2 skirts I am very much a novice and am itching to use this banana fibre on something for Nienna