Sunday, October 14, 2007

A bad hair day!

Logan cut Aimees hair!

It looked like this. All of the hair up in pigtails. No fringe, all the one length.... GORGEOUS!

Then he cut it, so it looked like this

A mullet! Short all over the top and long at the back.
I took her to the hairdresser, who was very sweet and did not cut much at all but restyled it to look like this.

We then discussed a plan to grow it back to how it was and still keep it looking respectable.

When I discovered Logan cutting Aimees hair and took the scissors off of him, he exclaimed "Hey, I haven't finished yet! I want Aimee to look beautiful like me! She has to have short hair!" Needless to say, Logan spent the rest of the afternoon on the thinking chair. LOL.

All the scissors are in the locked cupboard! Are you crying with me? I am sure I will see the funny side in a day or two, really I will......

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Jack said...

A friend did that to me! My Mum actually gave us the scissors though. I am not sure what she thought we were going to do with them. She cried.