Sunday, March 30, 2008

Armegins Longies

Anyone who pays attention around here, will have noticed that I have had longies for Armegin in my progress bar for about a year now. I promised them for Sheryn for his birthday last year and weren't finished. I had the bright idea of creating a reversible pattern for longies as there is little on the market for the boys. The problem was the number of colour changes created bulk number of ends to be woven in, which keep popping out and making the whole thing look messy. Anyway, I put it in the cupboard to hibernate whilst I searched, thought and pondered what to do. Anyway I finally came up with a solution when I encountered the same problem with Aimees dress (Yes, that is hibernating as well, but not for the same reason) So anyway, long story short, here are the finished, sigh on relief, longies! and they are only a week late LOL

I really want to write up the pattern for these as I do think they are worth it. I haven't seen anything on the market like it, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough?

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Jack said...

They look cool! What a great idea.