Monday, August 6, 2007

Fireworks Skort Finished!

I have finally finished the Fireworks skort.

It is made from Western Australian Crepe and is very soft. The soaker under the skort is the same wool as the first few rows under the waistband. The lace on the skirt is called Starburst from The Stitch Bible.

These are some hair ties I made to match the outfit.

I frogged the skirt at least 4 times getting the colours right. To begin with I didn't use the purple but the whole thing was far to busy. I found the purple broke it up more and made it all come together. It has taken me awhile to see any beauty in this garment, but now I am falling in love with it. I still have to post it to Irene (opps) but I want to show it off to as many people in real life before it goes to the other side of Australia. LOL


mummabare said...

these look delicious !

Im enjoying reading about all your creations and have nominated you for an award

Lots of love

Shona said...

Wow! Thanks Kristi! I am so flattered :D

Irene said...

That skort is worthy of an award too! Lucky Matilda :)